Got to know us bultery

In the spring of 1994, Bubu died in a car accident. Her place was taken by a young bulterierka Tarantella Ensemble, which was also named Bubu. At the same time, the Scottish EGON Breneka terrier came to our house for us (Fred).

In 1992, while still in the V year of study (AR in Poznan) I bought a three-color bulterierkę Kajdę (ARNA Hebereks). He was my first good dog. Before her in her native home, her life partner was kundelka.

While walking with Kajdą, I met Yarda, also the owner of bulterierki-pręgowanej Bubu (BUBU Bonis Avibus). We got married in 1993. The four of us lived together in Poznań.


An apartment in the country has a lot of advantages (and one main drawback of which is to get to work). Here odchowanie even liczniejszego bedding is much easier, and our dogs do not interfere with anyone. Here you can also think about real breeding, that is, make plans for progress in subsequent generations (LIMBY's grandchildren are already running around the house – the second generation with the pseudonym Sarracenia). Of course, all this is on our tiny scale. The conditions of the area allowed us to have another pleasure - the presence of goats. We have three dairy goats and one African pine.

After spending time on the village (European cedar has already managed to grow), we decided on the next dog-foksterierkę gładkowłosa (ExSentia ON EVERYTHING), which we named Reksio. Unfortunately, a poorly diagnosed illness took him away at the age of less than two years.

From February 3, 2004, we have another dog with us – Matilda, kundelek from the shelter. Our labradors welcomed her into the pack with joy.

Goat's milk for odchowie of large litters is irreplaceable. And we, not we, trampled in the season with milk and cheese of our own production, which in no way resemble what is called goat's cheese and milk, offered in stores.

On October 31, 2007, BUBU ( TARANTELLA Ensemble) left at the age of 13.5 )

On September 16, 2006, Agnieszka left Sarracenię.

God willing, maybe. ever continue,,,